Garri is a popular West-African food processed from cassava tubers. It is considered a ‘life-saving’ food by many and is versatile enough to be prepared into a variety of meals.

Garri and Groundnut (peanuts)
This is one of the most popular Garri combinations in existence. Water (cold or warm) is added to a specific quantity of Garri and mixed with the desired amount of groundnuts (peanuts). Sugar or milk or both is added to the mixture for extra flavor and more sweetness. Another way of eating this combination is to simply chew the Garri grains (because it is roasted processed cassava) with groundnuts (peanuts), coconuts or palm nuts, without adding water. If you choose to, you can add some powdered milk to the mix and enjoy.

Eba is a classic dish, known to be a highly appetite-soothing dish. This popular staple food is often eaten with richly made soups and stews, and is basically cooked by adding hot water to a reasonable quantity of Garri in a container, then using a wooden stirrer (also called Omorogun) to stir the contents of the container until you have a homogenous mix.

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