Origin of Cassava

Origin of Cassava

Cassava Originated in South America! However, we in Africa, having our indignous name to this plant (in Bete i.e. the Obudu area, it is called Ulogo) and still having several wild specie relatives of Cassava in the Cross-River State area, in Nigeria. It is more reasonable to assume that being a tropical plant, this plant must have grown in most tropical areas of its own accord. How then could it have originated in South America? Could it be that several different specicies of this plant were originally local to different parts of the World? hmmm….

Anon, the origins of Cassava/Yuca/Manioc are well established in botanics. These wild varieties in Africa are probably just transplants that flourished in the wild. In South America we have no shortage of banana and coconut trees in the “wild”, but none of those were there before the Europeans brought them from Asia.

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