Do you remember where you were when Nigeria was knocked out of the World Cup by Denmark? That moment when the player called “Sand” dribbled Taribo West with his head and placed the ball beyond the reach of Peter Rufai?

That’s one moment I’ll never forget.

Another one was when it was announced that Ebola had come to Lagos! The way gloves became part of our dressing was so remarkable. Today, we hear that Lassa is somewhere close and we could be at risk.

Do you know what this means? No more bush meat (except you’re the one that raised the bush rat as a member of your family) and even NO MORE GARRI!!!!

Well, not that we can’t eat Garri but we have to be sure of the origin. There is the possibility your Garri has been tampered with by these rats.  So what do we do? Does this mean no more soaking garri? No more Eba? Haba!

Well, Scared of Lassa? Say Hello to Cassa!!!

CassaGarri affords you the opportunity to purchase high quality Garri, carefully processed and refined to meet consumable standards. What’s more? It comes in a re-sealable pack that ensures you can ‘Ziploc’ it shut after use. You can now take your garri with you everywhere without fear of intrusion.

So don’t let these bush rats put ‘sand-sand’ in your garri.

Call Ade on 07080167257 to order NOW!!! Delivery is available

PS: Marketers required nationwide.

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