Health Benefit of “Garri” and “Fufu”

Health Benefit of “Garri” and “Fufu”

For many years, cassava product like garri and fufu has served as a healthy choice of food for many peoples, especially Nigerians.However, many people do not know about any health benefits they can derive from consuming this very popular source of food. In this article, you’ll be learning about health benefits and nutritional component of cassava.


By far, cassava has one of the highest amount of fiber compared to other sources of food you can find. This means that eating cassava can help your digestion, burn fat and give you more energy. High fiber foods are also known to make you get full very quickly and help reduce the risk of obesity. The fiber is cassava can also help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as help you control your blood sugar.


Foods that contain a high amount of trans fats can put you at risk of many health issues including heart problems, strokes and hypertension. One way to fight this is to eat foods like cassava, which has very low fat. In addition to that, cassava also has a higher amount of protein when compared to other tropical foods like potatoes and yam. Also, cassava is free of gluten, which makes it an excellent choice for food preparation meant for people with celiac disease.


Recently, the Nigerian government released a type of cassava known as ‘yellow cassava’ that contains vitamin A. this means that consuming cassava product made from yellow cassava has very high health benefits including good eye sight. This type of cassava will be very useful for the rural communities that have very limited access to food supplements or artificial nutritional drugs.


Apart from vitamin A, cassava also contains moderate amount of vitamin B, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, folates and pyridoxine. In addition to that, it also contains minerals like manganese, iron, and zinc.


Cassava has a very high amount of copper and magnesium minerals. Consuming food high in magnesium helps to promote a healthy long life, by reducing your risk of contracting osteoporosis and at the same time lowering your blood pressure. While consuming a good amount of copper will help a functional and healthy nervous system.


Like any type of food, it is necessary that you know what is in it before you start chewing it. One thing you must know is that cassava, in its raw form, contains Cyanogenic Glucosides, which is regarded as very toxic for the human body. This is why you need to cook or roast cassava before consuming it; because these processes help neutralize the chemicals so it can be safe for human consumption.

You can boil cassava in water or roast it after adding a little amount of olive oil. Northerners have a delicacy of boiled cassava and salted pepper we all have been used to, which is a fantastic food. In the east, people boil peeled cassava and eat it with coconut, which is by far the most delicious combination.

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