Cassava Farming

Cassava Farming


Cassava farming is one of the most popular farming in Africa. The reason is simple; Cassava is an essential raw material  for foods in our continent.

As early as 1667 the planting and cultivation of cassava began in Nigeria. This move was credited to the Portuguese explorers and slaves from Brazil and the West Indies who have landed in Nigeria. By the year 1890s, the systematic cultivation of cassava was becoming popular in Nigeria. According to research, the above stated slaves (from Brazil, West Indies and Sierra Leone) who knew how to process crop to food were living in Lagos, Badagry, Abeokuta, Ijebu, etc. These people influenced the widely consumption of the cassava products, hence, demand for processed cassava (Garri, fufu, cassava flour, also known as lafun) increased

In today Nigeria, aside rice, beans, and yam; garri is one food that most family in Nigeria can’t do without. If it’s not been prepared and taken with their favorite soups, then it is been taken inform of “cassava flake” in which some Nigerians do enjoy taking with sugar, milk, and groundnut; to sustain hunger, whereas some people take it because they love and enjoy the taste.

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