We produce top quality products 


Safush Agro Allied is duly registered in Nigeria and we specialise in the production and sale of garri.

We have been active in this industry for more than three years, presently expanding our reach and distribution from Oyo State to meet the high demand in Lagos.

Using mechanical cultivation and best practices in Cassava production, we have been able to produce garri at significantly high quality.


  • Garri is one of many different food products that can be produced from fresh cassava roots.
  • Garri is dry, crispy, creamy-white and granular.
  • It is made from cassava roots that have been crushed into a mash, fermented and sieved into small pieces (known as grits).
  • The grits are then roasted or fried to make the final crispy product.

Proper processing converts fresh cassava roots into safer and more marketable products by:

  • Reducing cyanide levels in the processed products
  • Prolonging shelf life
  • Reducing post-harvest losses of fresh cassava roots
  • Avoiding contamination of the products and the environment

Our processing factory prototype maintains strict hygiene procedure.

Cassava processors are designed to maintain good hygiene and protect the health of customers, but also to protect the reputation and future business of the processing industry.